We Are Fighting For Clean Health-Giving Water

The North East Water Fluoridation Public Consultation (PC) was announced by the Department of Health and Social Care on 25th March.

Has anyone seen the announcement?

Affected residents can respond to the PC via this portal.

The full addresses of the PC on the Department of Health and Social Care website can be found here and here.

The mission is clear…

Stop the attempts to roll out drinking Water Fluoridation in England.

The North-East of England is now in a period of Public Consultation. 1.6 million residents are likely to become fluoridated if the Department of Health decides to fluoridate their water.

Take action now and complete the Consultation Questionnaire.

Learn The Truth About Fluoride

This is a presentation to the Collier County Commission (Local Authority), Florida, USA, in which Dr Joel Bohemier, co-founder of Stand for Health Freedom, cites sworn testimony relating to fluoride’s developmental neurotoxicity made during the Federal fluoride trial in San Francisco during the last few years.  The Federal case began in 2016.  

Following the Collier County meeting on 13th February 2024, the Commission unanimously agreed 5 to 0 to stop fluoridating its 380,000 residents.

In March 2024 the US Federal Court case concluded. All the signs are that Judge Edward Chen will direct the Environment Protection Agency to apply the Toxic Substances Control Act to fluoride, thus effectively starting the withdrawal of fluoride from drinking water in the USA.

Take A Sneak Peek At The Propaganda We Are Up Against

The linked file is a presentation on the DHSC’s Public Consultation on Water Fluoridation.  It provides the pro-fluoridation perspective of Public Health.  We believe that all Local Authorities in the North-East are being shown this presentation and Councillors have been urged to respond positively to the PC Questionnaire.

We have the information you need.

Respond to the public consultation professionally.

61m people targeted in the UK

40 years since the last fluoridation scheme in the UK

Only 10% of England currently have fluoride added to drinking water

98% of Europe have no drinking water fluoridation programs

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3 Quick Fluoride Facts

3 Quick Fluoride Facts

3 Quick Fluoride Facts

3 Quick Fluoride Facts

The fluoridating acid added to your drinking water is industrial hazardous waste

3 Quick Fluoride Facts

There are no studies which have found that fluoride is safe to drink

3 Quick Fluoride Facts

The fluoridating acid contains arsenic, lead, as well as hydrofluoric acid which is a reportable poison

We don't need artifical fluoridation!

10% of England currently has drinking water fluoridation. The government want the entire country fluoridated.

The Fluoride Free Alliance is here to fight for health giving water.

The government works for us.

We decide what goes into our water.

We decide what goes into our bodies.

Join us to fight for clean water for generations to come.