Contact your MPs and Ward Councillors.  We’ve appended the text of a letter which you can adapt and send to them.  The more letters they get on the subject, the more they will listen to you.  That’s what they are there for. Your letter could be worded as follows: Dear [MP] [Councillor] WATER FLUORIDATION PUBLIC

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To find out if you’re affected, you need to visit  and scroll down until you get to the MAP.  At the bottom of the MAP there is a link which takes you to a box in which you can add your post code.  You will be told your fluoridation status immediately. North Yorkshire Villages

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From a very long list, we have decided to focus on the most important health conditions caused by systemic fluoride.  The list has been copied from  .  This is an excellent website which has collected research reports on fluoride and ill health for many years. To begin with, it is worth highlighting a quote

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Local Authority/Government Andover 1958 Kilmarnock 1960 Bolton 1968 Hull 1970 Calderdale, 1978 Isle of Man 1986 Lancashire County Council  1988-1992 Barrow-in-Furness, 1988-1992 Blackburn Borough Council 1988-1992 Blackpool Borough Council 1988-1992                              10 Burnley Borough Council 1988-1992 Chorley Borough Council 1988-1992 Fylde Borough Council 1988-1992 Hyndburn Borough Council 1988-1992 Lancaster Borough Council 1988-1992 Pendle Borough council 1988-1992

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TOOTH EXTRACTIONS IN THE NORTH-EAST OF ENGLAND DUE TO TOOTH DECAY Children aged 5-9 Are there more or less in fluoridated areas?  The official line is that fluoridated areas see less tooth extractions. The tooth extraction data produced by the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID), a department within the DHSC, has not been

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