Fluoride is a toxin

Fluoride is a toxin

Fluoride Is A Toxin

We don’t need it in our water!

Fluoride Is A Toxin

“The mechanism of fluoride toxicity can be broadly attributed to four mechanisms: inhibition of proteins, organelle disruption, altered pH, and electrolyte imbalance. “ (Johnston and Strobel, 2020)

Fluoride toxicity and the cellular response

Ref: Johnston, N.R. and S.A. Strobel. Principles of fluoride toxicity and the cellular response: a review. Arch Toxicol 94, 1051–1069 (2020).


“Poor, malnourished children, especially infants, are the most sensitive barometer of fluoride toxicity.”  (Albert Schatz, 1996)

Low-level fluoridation

Ref: Schatz, A.  (1996) Low-level fluoridation and low-level radiation: Two case histories of misconduct in science.  


How Do We Know Fluoride Is A Toxin?

Fluoride is currently recognised (15th March 2023) by the National Toxicology Program (NTP)in the USA as being a cause of reduced human intelligence. Therefore, it’s a Developmental Neurotoxin.  Seventy-six (76) studies in the past 35 years have found it to be a cause in the reduction in intelligence when the foetus and infant are exposed to it, and to cause ADHD and disturbed sleep for teenagers.  When the NTP performed a metanalysis (review) of all available research studies and whittled them down to 19 Category A high quality pieces of research, 18 convincingly showed harm from exposure to fluoride in the womb and when an infant is given fluoridated baby formula.

The case for it causing  Dental Fluorosis is well established. Other concerning diseases which are highly suspected as being caused by fluoride are diabetes II, hypothyroidism and hip fracture.  We must add as a caveat that not all diagnosed cases are caused by fluoride because there are other factors, such as poor nutrition, which have an influence.

Those who promote and defend Water Fluoridation believe that Fluoride is safe to swallow and there is official denial that Fluoride is a toxin.  Yet we have also been officially told that “Dental Fluorosis is a manifestation of systemic toxicity.”   Hansard, 20 Apr 1999 : WA 158  Since it is admitted by pro-fluoridation dentists that fluoride causes Dental Fluorosis in permanent teeth, joining the dots is easy.

There is no research proof worldwide that it is safe to swallow fluoride.  Lack of proof of safety. There is a multitude of research showing that it is injurious to health.

However, the UK Government’s unsubstantiated claim that fluoride is safe to swallow is about to collapse. In the USA at the time of writing, Fluoride is regarded as a cause of intelligence reduction – a Developmental Neurotoxin.  A classification of its final status as a known developmental neurotoxin would mean that the carefully constructed political/industrial house of cards would finally collapse.  We expect this to happen in the USA this year at the end of a final court case. The evidence against WF is strong.

We are nearing the end of a very long judicial process.  On 8th June 2020, a Federal court case in California began, which lasted two weeks when non-governmental organisations challenged the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) failure to apply the USA’s Toxic Substances Control Act to fluoride.  Matters have dragged on since then.

If fluoride is classified as a Known Developmental Neurotoxin, that should be the beginning of the end for Water Fluoridation (WF).  It is against this backdrop that the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care and its Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (DHSC/OHID) is endeavouring to initiate WF throughout England.  We have received no hint that the DHSC is aware of the legal situation in the USA and there is no recognition by them in public that fluoride causes a reduction in intelligence, despite two letters to Boris Johnson from three toxicologists in 2021-22 and three letters to Rishi Sunak from Fluoride Free Alliance UK in 2022-23.  However, we must assume that the Government knows everything!

Safety Factor

A Safety Factor or Margin of Safety (MoS) is required for all toxic substances to protect all people, especially the most vulnerable members of society – infants, the unborn child and those living with chronic ill-health.  The MoS would be, at minimum, a factor of 10, that is one-tenth of the current dose of a toxin.  So, if a human drinks one litre of fluoridated or fluoride water containing 1 mg fluoride per day as is the case in the UK, then the dose per litre is 1 mg and the MoS would be ten times less = 0.1 mg fluoride/litre.

A MoS of 100th of current exposure would indicate that a substance is highly toxic. This video explains MoS.

A MoS of one-tenth or one-hundredth would put pay to the practice of Water Fluoridation permanently.  This cessation should start as soon as the US Federal Court judges that fluoride is a known developmental neurotoxin.  Any government which rushes precipitously into fluoridating its citizens will find that it has wasted tax-payers’ money. Moreover, there wouldn’t be a market for decommissioned second-hand fluoridation equipment! Although not exactly in the same league as the waste of money spent on other prestigious Government projects, it would be yet another political scandal. 

So, it would appear that the Secretary of State at the DHSC is perched on the horns of a dilemma:  with the Cumbrian CATFISH project final report finding that Water Fluoridation does not reduce oral health inequalities across social groups, with the ongoing court case in the USA and with the very strong research which has shown that fluoride exposure reduces intelligence, he would do well to cancel his department’s policy to fluoridate UK citizens. Catfish Report.

Ref: Goodwin M, Emsley R, Kelly MP, Sutton M, Tickle M, Walsh T, et al. Evaluation of water fluoridation scheme in Cumbria: the CATFISH prospective longitudinal cohort study. Public Health Res 2022;10(11)

Toxicity – chronic or acute?

We can only guess the degree of fluoride’s toxicity because that often depends on an individual’s susceptibilities/sensitivities to toxin exposure and/or overload.  Researchers have concluded that Fluoride is marginally less toxic than Arsenic but marginally more toxic than Lead.  However, this relates only to acute poisoning and ought NOT to be used when discussing Water Fluoridation which mainly produces chronic ill health over time.  Go to Fluoride’s Toxicity which is a brief discussion of the chronic ill-health caused by fluoride.

According to the National Research Council (NRC) 2006, the consistency of the results [in fluoride/IQ studies] appears significant enough to warrant additional research on the effects of fluoride on intelligence”. and “It is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.”

Ref:  National Research Council (2006). Fluoride in Drinking Water.

The NRC’s conclusion was then researched by a team of Harvard scientists in Impact of fluoride on neurological development in children. This fluoride/IQ meta-review concluded that fluoride’s impact on the developing brain should be a “high research priority.”

Please visit fluoride and the Brain which is a  good summary of the conclusions of some of the recent research studies on “reduction in intelligence”. The hyperlinks in that page lead to information about the individual studies.

One of the videos which has been produced on the dangers of fluoride ingestion  is Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation. The video is 29 minutes long and provides a historical view of the issue.

At the bottom of this page, we’ve provided a bibliography of the most important studies on fluoride and intelligence reduction,  These were reviewed by the US National Toxicology Program in its National Toxicology Report 2019.  It is that Systematic Review which has concluded that Fluoride is a cause of reduced intelligence” – a developmental neurotoxin.  In 2020, the Systematic Review was sent to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) for peer review.  The NAS did NOT overturn the NTP’s original conclusion that fluoride is a “presumed developmental neurotoxin” but asked that the report be strengthened.  And that is where the entire issue became bogged down.  A status court hearing on 11th April 2023 is the next step in the judicial process.

G-Proteins and Aluminium Fluoride

The concern is that fluoride disrupts the activity of G-Proteins. “G-proteins take part in an enormous variety of biological signaling systems, helping control almost all important life processes. The family of cell-surface receptors that require coupling to G-protein transducers for functional signaling is vast and diverse.  Aluminum-fluorides (AlFx) may clone or potentiate the action of numerous extracellular signals. It appears probable that we will not find any physiological process which is not potentially influenced by AlFx.”   G-Proteins

Ref: Strunecka. A, (2002). Fluoride and aluminum: messengers of false information. Fluoride 2002; 35(4):244.  Presentation at an ISFR Conference.

Also, in the final 2002 research paper, Strunecka et al conclude:


The discovery of AlFx [aluminum fluorides] as a new class of phosphate analog has brought numerous demonstrations of their use as the ubiquitous tool in laboratory investigations but also the demonstration of their pharmacological efficacy. It is not surprising with respect to the role of G-proteins in signal transduction. G-proteins take part in numerous biological signalling systems, helping to control almost all important life processes. It has been demonstrated that AlFx may clone or potentiate the action of numerous extracellular signals. The principle of amplification of the initial signal during its conversion into a functional response has been a widely accepted tenet in cell physiology (Fig. 2). It is evident that AlFx is a molecule providing false information which is amplified by processes of signal transmission. Biological signalling pathways interact with one another to form complex networks. Yet, it seems that we shall probably not find any physiological process which is not potentially influenced by AlFx.  These interactions may potentially complicate interpretation of the results. Understanding the role of phosphate and G-proteins in cell signalling makes it possible to suggest a hypothesis that the synergistic action of fluoride and aluminum in the environment, water and food chains can evoke various and multiple pathological symptoms. AlFx might induce the alterations of homeostasis, metabolism, growth and differentiation of the living organism. The hidden danger of their long-term action for human health is not yet fully recognized at present.” Strunecka: Aluminium fluoride’s effects on metabolism

Also published as:

Ref:  Strunecka et al (2002).Fluoride plus aluminum: Useful tools in laboratory investigations, but messengers of false information. Physiological research. Academia Scientiarum Bohemoslovaca 51(6):557-64

The take-home message from this research is that we should not only avoid fluoride but should take steps to exclude aluminium from our lives.  Aluminium is found in wrapping foil,  tin foil, baking foil, deodorants, non-stick cookware and aluminium saucepans and pressure cookers.  It leaches in the presence of fat so wrapping or cooking food in it is not advisable.  There is a modicum in tap water and if that water is also fluoridated or has natural fluoride in it, then AlF will gradually build up.  We are also concerned that if the blood-brain-barrier is leaky, AlF will pass through into the brain, thus gradually causing dementia.


Fluoride negatively impacts the brain in the following ways:

  • Reduces intelligence in the womb if the mother drinks fluoridated water and (Indian) tea either with or without fluoridated water;
  • Reduces intelligence when the infant is fed with fluoridated baby formula;
  • Causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD);
  • Causes sleeplessness in teenagers;
  • The reduction in intelligence is greater the higher the concentration of fluoride consumed;
  • Even water fluoridated at a concentration of 0.7 mg fluoride/litre reduces intelligence by 4-5 IQ points.
  • Exposure to 0.2 mg fluoride/litre reduces intelligence by 1 IQ point.
  • Fluoride and aluminium disrupt the function of G-proteins.

The Brain Studies

Seventy-six (76) human studies on fluoride’s effect on the brain are listed here

We’ve listed the more important studies below.  A full list of intelligence studies can be found in 76 Studies

Bashash et al 2017

Green et al 2019

Choi et al 2012

National Academy of Sciences

Valdez-Jiminez, 2017

Bashash et al 2018

Malin et al 2018

Riddell, J. et al 2019

Malin and Till, 2015

Till, 2020

Malin et al 2019

Luke, J. (1997)

NRC, 2006

Needleman, 1990



FAN Press Release

Joseph Mercola’s summary of the effects of fluoride on intelligence                                                                                                                                                                                                       

JAMA Pediatrics Christakis Podcast 

NHS Choices advice on bottle feeding

We can’t resist referencing the relevant page on NHS Choices website relating to baby formula to show how out-of-date and ill-advised the authors of this particular piece of nonsense are.  To date, four approaches have been made to the NHS Choices editorial team with little success although the approach made in January 2023 has been acknowledged with the caveat that “we’ll take our own advice”. NHS Choices current advice is “Do not use bottled water to make up formula feeds. Bottled water is not recommended for making up feeds, as it’s not sterile and may contain too much salt (sodium) or sulphate.”

You can then access a further page which talks about bottled water having too much sodium and sulphates, both of which warnings are untrue unless baby has taken a liking to Badoit (which is no longer for sale in the UK).

While waiting for the “known” developmental neurotoxin classification to be confirmed, more fluoridated future children and fluoridated bottle-fed infants will experience a reduction in intelligence if their parents continue to use fluoridated tap water.  Yet more children will have their intelligence reduced AND be diagnosed with ADHD.   Now is not the time for politicians to plan the start of a fluoridation programme.

Our hopes for the future

The maximum concentration of fluoride will have to be lowered to, say, 0.1 mg instead of 0.5 mg, 0.7 mg, 0.8 mg or 1 mg if fluoride once the final court judgement is handed down in the USA.  This would mean that WF programmes could not continue because it would not be financially economical to add 0.1 mg fluoride to one litre of water.  In any case,  most places in the fluoridated and non-fluoridated world have some natural fluoride so there would be no point considering expanding WF programmes to these areas.  Currently, it is difficult to remove fluoride from raw water at the Water Treatment Works. To reduce concentration, the policy has been to dilute the treated water with non-fluoride water from elsewhere in the grid as is the case in Hartlepool where fluoride at 1.9mg/litre is reduced to 1.3 mg fluoride.

We look forward to the reclassification of fluoride since this will surely bring an end to this mad public ‘health’ intervention.  In the meantime, residents of County Durham,  Northumberland, Sunderland, South Tyneside, Darlington, Middlesbrough, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, Redcar and Alston have to gen up on the issue and oppose it taking off in the North-East.

It may take some time to get the reclassification recognised.  However, once reclassified, it will be difficult for pro-fluoridation sponsors to reverse that classification.  Therefore, they will make every attempt to steamroller this programme through. That would be outrageous because they have been told that fluoride damages the brain. 

So, it’s not going to be completely over until all fluoridating governments agree to reducing the maximum fluoride concentration down to 0.1 mg fluoride/litre.  We also need to persuade the World Health Organisation to come on board. That may be impossible in this current climate of intrigue and power-grabbing politics.

Updated 25th March 2023

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