Rules For The Public Consultation

Everyone from aged under 10 years upwards can respond to the PC, including those living abroad.

However, responses from those living and working in the affected areas may be given more weight by the Date Controller, the DHSC.

All objections/observations must be validated by accurate citations/references relating to any of the many aspects of the issue.

Try to order your thoughts logically.  Short sentences and short paragraphs are more easily assimilated.

– Be cogent: no rambling sentences and no waffling.
– Keep to the facts and keep emotive language to the absolute minimum.
– Anecdotal “evidence” is difficult to prove so give as much detail as possible.
– You are not asked to provide a GP letter to prove the nature of any illnesses.
– Keep strictly to the shut-off date – 30th July at 11.59 pm.
– Write and save paragraphs of text (.pdf’d if possible) in a word-processor before uploading them to the on-line questionnaire.
– Please send a copy of your textual responses to (This would be valuable evidence should we wish to critique the process.)

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