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25th March 2024 – 17th June at 11.59 pm

Quick run down:

Every box on this Blue Box page contains information to help you to (1) expand your knowledge on water fluoridation and (2) fill out the Consultation Questionnaire.  It’s important to have as many well- educated responses, based on truth, as possible.

What you need to do:

– Digest as much of the information as you can from each blue box;
– Read through the copied Questionnaire to see how much you can prepare in advance;
– Fill out the questionnaire (link at the bottom of the Blue Box page) with your cogent responses and uploaded files;
– Tell your friends and family about this Consultation and then send them the address of this page;
– Donate if you can.

Please read this page and ALL the links on the previous pages before attempting to fill in the Public Consultation Questionnaire. We have added RETURN buttons to the linked files so that you can return to that page at any time.

The first link (Right hand side [RHS] top box) takes you to the protocol for the Public Consultation (PC).  We suggest that you do not click on START while you are exploring this protocol because you would be taken prematurely to the Q’aire: you need to read some more before completing it.

The second link (RHS Top Box) is a text file of the entire copied Q’aire.  IT IS NOT THE ACTUAL Q’AIRE. We felt it would be better if you could see the road ahead before attempting completion.

The third link (RHS Top Box) is our Commentary on the q’aire.

In the box at the bottom of the page is the link to the actual on-line Q’aire.  It is a single question per screen page.  To see the entire q’aire requires you to fill in each page before pressing NEXT.  However, we do not recommend that you attempt filling in the q’aire at this stage.  You have a bit more reading to do.

Reading around the issue is important.  It is vital that you impress the DHSC that you are able to understand the arguments for and against Water Fluoridation (WF).  That is, you are COGENT. If you do not prove your cogency, your response will be given a low quality rating.  This PC is not just about a majority against or in favour: it’s more to do with how you express yourselves. It’s scandalous, of course. You wouldn’t be expected to read up on political science before voting in a General Election!

Further Links from the previous page lead to:

The Regulations governing the process of this PC.

Our commentary on the Regulations

A Memorandum which qualifies the Regulations.

Our commentary on the Memorandum

Legal issues.

Laws permitting and laws which are persuasively against WF. 

Health Concerns

We suggest that you visit and search for the pages which interest you most by following the links. Fluoride Alert’s pages have an abundance of research references which you can copy to strengthen your concerns. If you don’t have time to read the research articles in entirety, please consider reading the abstracts and conclusions.

Ethical Concerns

This website has an extensive description of why it is medically and morally inappropriate to medicalise our drinking water.  Please visit them.

Environmental Concerns

The linked file has a brief list of research references which follow the text which describes our concern for fluoride in our freshwater environment in rivers and streams where sewage treatment works are sited close by. Please try to visit some of the referenced documents before citing them in your response.

Tooth Extraction Data.

The NHS believes that swallowed fluoride reduces dental decay and hospital tooth extractions. This section demonstrates that the belief is unrealistic.  Once you start exploring the issue, it is possible to unearth even more topics than we have been able to highlight.  So, if anything occurs to you that you need advice on, please do not hesitate – email us and we will try to guide you.

The final boxes are in the previous pages:

A MAP of the threatened area of the North East.  On the DHSC website, it is possible to find out if you’re threatened by adding your post code in the box below the map.  Then scroll up to learn your fate!

Local Authorities That Have Declined Water Fluoridation.

We’re particularly proud of these Local Authorities who gently defied their Public Health consultants who were urging that fluoride be added to residents’ drinking water.  Alas, this won’t happen now that the DHSC has taken over responsibility for new programmes and for the cost of administering them.


Is it not indicative  of the lack of enthusiasm for the Public Health Measure that, had this Public Consultation been part of a General Election Question, Water Fluoridation would soon become dead in the water.  All unofficial polls and surveys resoundingly demonstrate  that the public has no appetite for this medicinal intervention.

Rules of the Public Consultation

These are quite straightforward.

If you know of anyone who cannot use a mobile or computer and who wants to complete the q’aire, please help them to do so but they will need to compose some of their answers before you attempt the q’aire for them.

We think that you can use your own computer or mobile even if you have already completed the q’aire because by telling the DHSC that you are completing the q’aire on behalf of someone else, you will be allowed to send another response even though it comes from your IP address.

Our Fluoride Song which we hope will go viral! We recorded an audio version and a video version.  The Lyricist, Brian Hooper wrote the song at the time of the Southampton PC.  Fortunately the words are still current for this PC.

Good luck.  We’re here if you need to chat on-line.

 Joy and the Team 

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